eBook and Print-on-Demand Publishers - Help With Publishing Your Book

eBook and Print-on-Demand Publishers – Help With Publishing Your Book

by Katherine (Kaete) Mariaca on May 25, 2011

So, you want to publish an eBook but don’t want the headache of doing all the work yourself? Work?  Yes, work.  Producing a book, even a digital book, requires some work.  You may need to hire an editor, a cover designer, someone to convert the book to different eReader formats, to distribute the book, market it…..

Actually, it’s not that difficult to undertake all of these chores, and more.  They take time, though.  Time that might be better spent working on your next book. :)

Happily, a lot of these services can be contracted.  To help you find the people who can help you get your book off your computer and out into the world, I’ve started a list of eBook publishers.  Please note that these are publishers who work directly with authors (who do not require a literary agent as go-between).

There are a few things we (you and me) need to be clear on, however, before you sign any contracts or hand over your credit card:

  1. I have not vetted these companies.  You need to do so and to decide if any is right for you,
  2. PLEASE comparison shop.  In doing this research, I’ve come across many so-called “publishers” who want to charge you a month’s worth of mortgage in order to do little, like convert a Word document to the Kindle platform.  Please.  It’s easy to do and you’ll be mad at yourself for spending a lot on it to have someone else do it,
  3. Ask for references.  Some of the companies are big, and well-known, and have been around for many years.  Others are new and, well, nothing against being new….but I don’t want you to lose your savings,
  4. Some companies call themselves “publishers” when all they really do is re-format your manuscript and upload it to Amazon and to the iStore.  Again, do your homework.
  5. Read the Submission Guidelines.  Some publishers will publish anything.  Others are very specific about what they will and will not publish.
  6. Yes, I know, there are a few publishers listed here in the “Romance” and “Erotica” genres.  For some reason, quite a few publishers in those genres allow direct submissions, while “mainstream” publishers generally require authors to have literary agent representation.
  7. AAaaaaaaargh (that was me having a conniption fit) – DO NOT SIGN YOUR RIGHTS AWAY (unless you want to, of course).  I read one contract that required lifelong, all-media rights to “publish” (re-format and upload) your book.

And, just for the record, this list is a work in progress.  Please send me links to any publisher I have missed (use that nifty “contact me” button to the left of this page).  AND, yes, the list includes some Print-on-Demand (POD) publishers as, I’ve found, many eBook writers want the flexibility of offering a print version of their book as well as digital.

And, a final note – I will be updating this post over the next couple of days so check back as there may be new publishers listed.  If you come back after the post has moved off the front page of this site, you can find it under the “Publish” button (above) on the navigation menu.


Aachanon Publishing A print-on-demand publisher.

Alive Ebooks Network – Creates mulit-media eBooks – eBooks that “come alive” with text, audio and visual.  A great way to spread your message.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Upload your documents to Amazon for them to be formatted for Kindle.  Earn up to 70% royalty for your sales through Amazon.  Make sure you take advantage of the author’s page as part of your marketing strategy.

Aptara – “Aptara simplifies eBook creation and conversion for any eReader, smart phone or tablet – so you can be ready with your unique mobile-ready content, however your readers want to access it.”

Atlantic Bridge Publishing – A small eBook publisher out of Indiana.

Author House – a division of Author Solutions.  Provides eBook and POD publishing options as well as promotion, distribution and design services

Baen Books – Science Fiction and Fantasy publisher.

Barnes & Nobel PubIt! – Barnes & Noble offers the Nook eReader and the Nook app (for iPad, iPhone, Android,etc.)  Pubit! Is B&N’s publishing platform that allows authors to upload their manuscripts for easy conversion to epub for reading on the Nook and other eReaders.

Beast Stew – A children’s book publisher for sale through Amazon, B&N, Apple iBookstore and Google Editions.  Accepts both illustrated and un-illustrated manuscripts for consideration.

Book Baby – an eBook publisher that offers a variety of services including conversion to different formats, author websites and cover design.

BookBrewer – We’re a print-on-demand and ebook publishing services company. We help authors who want to self-publish get their book into the market quickly using print-on-demand and eBook technology. – Specializes in non-fiction how-to. Offers an eFulfillment service.

Books Gone Digital – an online bookstore that bills itself as an “eco-friendly digital bookstore.”  Allows authors to upload their books to the site (usually as PDF’s).

Calibre – A free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.  Converts manuscripts into a variety of popular eBook formats.

Convert A Book – Offers book conversion, promotion and distribution services.

Desktop Author – “Desktop Author is an ebook electronic publishing software that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create and/or sell page turning electronic publications such as eBooks, eCatalogs, eBrochures, ePresentations, photo albums and much more.”

Digital Media Initiatives – “offers publishers an immediate opportunity to go digital by converting their print content to digital formats and expand their distribution channels and ability to protect their content in the online digital media marketplace.”

Digital Pulp Press Publishing – Reformats manuscripts and sells eBooks through their online store.

Dream Back Books – An eBook publisher based in the UK that “will design, edit, format, market and distribute your book with no upfront fee required.”  Note – does not accept non-fiction.

e-reads – “Founded in 1999 at the dawn of the e-book era, E-Reads is the oldest independent digital publisher in the field and an innovative leader in the modern book industry. Our mission is to bring out-of-print books back in electronic and print formats and create an independent e-book market for authors.” – an eBook store with links to conversion software.

eBook Architects - makes the eBook creation and publication process easy and affordable.

Ebook Conversion -  Offers a variety of conversion and publication services for authors. – A sales site for niche-y eBooks.  A perfect sales location for  info-product authors.

EbookIt – A conversion, publication and distribution company for eBooks – all for just $149 per title.

eBookMall – A conversion, publication, distribution and sales company for eBooks.

Ebook Services – “e-Book Services provides multilingual publishing-related services to international clientele, serving as a back office to publishers, authors and translation agencies all over the globe. We can be your single-point source of skills, covering the entire spectrum of publishing.”

eCub epub Creator - A simple, open source (free) epub creation tool created by Julian Smart (who also created Jutoh epub Creator, below).

Ellora’s Cave – a digital publisher of Romantica® (“any work of literature that is both romantic and sexually explicit in nature”) and Exotica® (“stories that focus on a woman’s sexual journey or adventures. Although they may contain a romance, they do not have to include that as the primary focus, the relationship does not need to be monogamous or end with commitment.”)

EPubBud – This is a site where anyone can upload a children’s book.  The books are free for readers to download (in a variety of formats) and is owned and operated by a couple who started it as a not-for-profit venture.

ePress Online – An online publishing house that accepts submissions in fiction and non fiction as follows:  Nonfiction pertaining to the art and craft of writing, as well as Resource for Writers books.  Fiction in the following genres: Mystery (and sub-genres, including crossovers) U.S Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Category Romance.  Offers a pretty standard two-year royalty earning contract.  Books are delivered as eBooks or in print.

FastPencil – Billed as “the next generation in book publishing”, FastPencil offers both eBook and print books.  Services include ISBN assignment, editing, cover design and editorial review (purchase a package or a la carte).

Fictionaut – A great site for “adventurous readers and writers.”  For writers, Fictionaut offers a place to post your short stories, poems, flash fiction, etc.  You will not be paid, but you might be found.

Fictionwise – “Fictionwise, Inc. contracts electronic rights to previously-published fiction works and sells them in eBook form, and we also distribute eBooks from other quality publishers and ePublishers. Fictionwise does not accept unsolicited original works. We do not have an editorial team to assist authors with new works or evaluate new manuscripts.  Because Fictionwise contracts only the electronic publishing rights, authors retain the print rights to seek an ink-on-paper publisher. The Fictionwise author contract is exclusive–this means that electronic copies of your works must not be available for sale anywhere else on the internet for the duration of the contract.”

The Fiction Works“We publish eBook titles for the iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Sony, and Nook eReaders, and most Smartphones (iPhone, etc.), all under $5.00. We also produce a wide range of Audio Books and Standard and Large Print paperbacks.”

Five Star Publications – A service resource company for authors and publishers.  Services include conversion, publication, promotion and even script adaptations.

Ingram Content Group – While Ingram does offer digital conversion and distribution, it works directly with publishers, not authors.  If you have a small list of books (which could be your own) that you want to offer as P.O.D. or eBooks, you might want to look into Ingram.

Inkubook- a print-on-demand photo book publisher.  Part of the Author Solutions network of publishing companies.

Inkwater PressOffers traditionally published books (2 – 3 per year), as well as “author subsidized (print-on-demand) books.  Offers Kindle conversion to its print authors.

Innodata Isogen – Provides “a complete portfolio of production and editorial services, from data conversion to composition and authoring to editing.”

iUniverse – offers a full range of affordable, fee-based professional self publishing services—including editorial, marketing, publicity and direct-to-reader distribution- in both print and digital formats.

Jutoh – an ebook creator with WYSIWYG editing, that can generate Epub, Mobipocket, ODT and plain text.  By Julian Smart of eCub epub Creator (above).

Lazy Day Publishers – a new-ish digital publisher that specializes in Romance and Erotic Romance.

Library Tales Publishing – a fairly new company that offers print and eBook publishing contracts to authors. Library Tales asks for a ten year, all-rights contract.

Libre Digital – Provides eBook publishing to publishers (not authors).  If you are your own publisher of print books, you might want to contact Libre Digital.

Liquid Silver Books – “Liquid Silver Books is an imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing, a royalty paying, full-service ePublisher. Atlantic Bridge has been in business since June 1999. Liquid Silver Books is dedicated to bringing high quality erotic romance to our readers.”

Microsoft Reader – Microsoft Reader is equipped with tools that can help you add speech components, create your own eBooks, author custom dictionaries, and more.

Mmooks – Multimedia + Books = Mmooks. Designed for the iPad, Mmooks combine text, audio, video, and photo for a multi-sensory experience.  Mmooks are sold through Apple’s App Store.

Morgan James Publishing - a publisher that specializes in 5 areas: Business, Self-Help, Sports, Inspirational and Health.  Owns a number of imprints.  Publishes print books through Ingram and offers marketing and distribution.

M-Y Books -  Book marketing, distribution and publication services (eBook and print).  Based in the UK.

Online Originals – An interesting concept – Writer pays an Online Originals past author to review his/her manuscript for about $100. If the manuscript is deemed a 9 or 10 (out of 10, the company will issue a contract to the writer, will produce it as an eBook and pay author 50% royalty.

OverDrive Systems – “OverDrive is a leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content.”

PDFtoEPub – Normally $39.95, the company is offering the first 20,000 authors a free download of the full retail product.  Allows authors to convert their PDF docs to epub and/or Kindle format.

PDFtoKindle – See PDF to ePub above (all one and the same now)

Pinnacle Technology – Provides eBook formatting and/or conversion, as well as distribution to key eBook outlets (Amazon, Sony and Apple).

Project Gutenberg – a program dedicated to gathering all open-source (copyright-free) literature and converting it to digital format.

Publishers Row – an eBook publishing company.

Reality Information Systems – Offers a number of services to authors including conversion to various eBook formats, web design and cover design.

RealRead – “RealRead offers the only completely off-the-shelf software solution that converts Adobe Acrobat PDFs into a book-like format for an easier and more natural online viewing experience.”

Red Sage Publishing – a publisher of Erotica and Erotic Romance, Red Sage accepts stories from 5,000 words and up.  Books are generally released as eBooks, though a few go to print.  FYI, it is a Romance Writers of America recognized publisher since 2001

Romeii LLC, “Convert, Publish and Distribute your eBook to iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony & More.”  Charges $449 for conversion with the author keeping 100% of royalties after distributors take their cut (about 70% to the author, 30% to distributor as of the time of this writing) or $149 for conversion with the author keeping 85% after the distributors take their cut.  There is also a $10 per month bookkeeping fee if the eBook sells.

RosettaBooks – an independent e-book publisher that distributes to Kindle, Barnes & Noble – Nook, iBookstore, Sony Reader, Google and Kobo.  “The highest royalty in the industry – 50% of net receipts to 2,500 copies and 60% of net receipts thereafter

A short term license – five years rather than life of copyright

A narrow rights grant – limited to e-books

An “author-centric” business model where collaboration with the author and the author’s representative are central to Rosetta’s mission.”

Sigil – a multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor designed to edit books in ePub format.

Signalman Publishing – publishes both print and eBook formats.  Offers four different publishing packages.

Smashwords – an ebook publishing and distribution platform, serving authors, publishers, readers and major ebook retailers.

StoneGarden.Net Publishing – At the time of this writing, the Stonegarden website is undergoing re-construction.

Supremus Group – eBook conversion specialists.

Trafford – “offers some of the most versatile book formats in the indie publishing business. From small children’s books to oversized coffee table books, softcovers, hardcovers, ebooks, iPad Apps, and leatherbound editions.” – Photobook print-on-demand publisher.

VMC Art & Design – Offers eBook design and publication.

Wild Rose Press – offers print and digital books in the Romance genre (make sure to read their submission guidelines).

Wings ePress – offers digital and print publication.

Wordplay – offers a do-it-yourself self-publishing tool.  A division of Author Solutions.

Xlibris – an Author Solutions division that offers both POD and eBook publication.

Zinepal – used to create eBooks and printable PDFs from online content.



PS – please do send me links to publishers you know of that are not listed here.  Thanks! – Kaete

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